Monday, August 18, 2008

Cover thumbnails

I did some thumbnails in attempts to find something I like for the cover. I quite like the pensive gazing out of the window thumbnail. Might go with that one.


Nods said...

Hey Rex, I like the title script mate. On the thumbnails, I prefer the back cloaked one at the moment.
Although the gaze out the window could be the strongest i think if you draw at a different angle.

Maybe if we were looking in through the window, and can only see the light of what it shines on? if that makes sense :)

Rex said...

You have a really good eye there nodster.

We are going with thumbnail one, with the dark treaty for the first issue, but I originally wanted to go with the girl looking out the window.

We are going to go with that for issue 2, and she WILL be on a different angle. It will be more of a front on 45 degree angle with her head side on, looking out the window. Heavy shadows on the bed and heavy highlights around the face.